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E Reading Book Store WordPress Theme

EReading Book Store WordPress Theme

The E Reading Book Store is a WordPress theme specifically designed to help E Reading publishers market their eBooks. It includes over 50+ templates for every page and sidebar feature for publishing, marketing, sales tracking and analytics. This theme comes with a variety of pre-made widgets, plug-ins and themes that enable E Reading marketers to customize the store to their own needs. With a wide range of features including:

Easing Reading Webcomic

Easing Reading Webcomic

The E Reading Book Store is an online e-commerce storefront for E Reading electronic products. This versatile, multi-purpose WordPress theme is ideal for both small and large bookstores. It includes a discount section that will allow customers to get discounts on the newest releases, while browsing through a large selection of reading material.

This theme is fully customizable. It comes with several different color schemes, featured images, header designs, shopping carts, categories, and more. It uses the WordPress EasyApache plugin along with many other plug-ins to provide a fully functional store. All of the default theme options are included as well as a number of theme-specific options, such as allowing authors to upload their own books, have an author photo displayed prominently in the “About” section, display book cover images, have book descriptions displayed in multiple columns, and a variety of other options. Author and customer panels are available as well as a customize shopping cart.

One of the unique features of this theme is the built-in E Reading Widget. This page builder utilizes the WordPress dashboard engine to create a fully responsive and mobile compatible widget. This widget can be used on tablets, smartphones, computers, and various other touch screen devices. The widget displays all of the book’s information as well as a brief description.

Themes like this are excellent for promoting an eBook store. They can be used for displaying new books, upcoming releases, popular sellers, special offers, the store’s FAQ page, and a host of other purposes. In addition, since the theme supports both the old and new methods of viewing ebooks, customers can easily browse through their collection of books without having to leave the current page.

The webcomic version of this theme is also highly flexible. It includes several different styles, colors, and formats. The layout is specifically designed to accommodate any number of webcomics. A unique layout that utilizes a sliding transition between panels will create a modern design that is not only visually pleasing, but will fit the personality of the individual who has created the webcomic in question.

The WordPress default blog layout is fine for most people. However, there are many individuals who prefer the WordPress layouts of forums and one way to remedy this issue is to download a custom template from the Home Store. There are several available, but one of the most stylish and functional are the WordPress Fantastico theme. This powerful theme includes built-in WordPress plugins such as the ping-o-matic. This plugin will automatically ping your every post with a simple click of a button.

Themes like this are excellent for promoting an eBook store. They can also be used to create a more sophisticated and personal website. Individuals will enjoy the professional design of the layout and will feel comfortable using it. Reading has several features including a “lishaverse” interface which includes bookmarks and browsing options.

Comic book lovers will love the unique look of the Easing Reading Store WordPress theme. It has everything that an avid reader needs including book reviews, highlights and notifications, book recommendations, a newsletter sign-up box, and more. Comic book stores are among the most popular niche websites on the internet. There are literally thousands of publishers and authors who use this unique platform to promote their merchandise.

The Easing Reading Store WordPress theme includes several features which allow readers to search for books, magazines, newspapers, and other resources in a breeze. Readers will love the convenience of the drop-down list menu and the quick search function. Themes like this include a built-in translator so that you can read any kind of material in English and any other language. Themes also include many customization options for headers, footers, colors and borders. The ultimate advantage of using comic book WordPress themes is that they are fully automated.

Easing Reading has the ability to update the latest comics and related topics. This gives readers all the flexibility and convenience that they will need when it comes to reading and researching for a book. Using the bookstore WordPress themes will also let your readers access the store from wherever they are so that they can always be up to date with the most current comics.

If you want to make an impression on your readers, then you should definitely check out the Easing Reading Webcomic WordPress theme. This theme will definitely give your website a classy appeal and will make browsing for free comics just as exciting as having a printed copy of your webcomics. It will give your readers a reason to come back to your website time and again. The Easing Reading theme is a great way to build traffic to your e-zine as well as promote your webcomic to the world.