How to Make Your Blog Look Better With the Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin

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Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin

Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin is a simple solution to add, remove and organize your pictures, video clips or audio files to different folders with the click of a button. It can be used on every page or post hence your hard work will not go to waste. Just like other similar WordPress Plugins, it can be fully customized according to your requirements. Just go through the features of the plugin and select the ones that you think are the most beneficial and useful for you. Media Folders Pro also comes with a simple to use set of custom icons to help you navigate and find whatever it is you need.

How to Make Your Blog Look Better With the Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin

What is Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin?

It is a WordPress Plugin which allows you to manage any number of folders in WordPress. It will allow you to save any kind of media file, such as text, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc, as well as music and video files. It makes use of the media start tool that is included with the version of Media Folders. This means you can convert any media file into a PDF or image and so on.

What if I cannot find any media files on my computer? Well, that is no problem. Just install the plugin on your blog and access the folders from there. There is even an option for adding comments to each media file. This will help you update your blog regularly by storing new pictures or videos in the database.

Can I share the files across my network?

Yes, you can upload it to your website. This will help you to save bandwidth and also increase your chances of getting ranked in search engines.

Can I use the plugin for viral or promotional purpose?

Yes, you can. The plugin offers an option to create your own group or community. You can invite your friends to the community and share the link to their websites. This will help you in spreading the news about your products or services widely.

Can I use the media files from another source?

Yes, you can. You can upload the same to your own server and make use of your own URL. This will save you lots of money and effort, as you will not have to purchase any hosting account for using the files. Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin offers a free download so you do not have to worry about downloading the plugin.

What if my media files are not suitable for public viewing? Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin ensures that the media files are password protected. Therefore, anyone can view your media files. Just configure your settings in the plugin and select the folder where you want to keep your media files and they will be protected by the password.

Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin

How do I get my media files onto my website?

You can simply add the plugin to your WordPress blog. All you need to do is copy the codes required by the plugin. Your media folder will be uploaded into your website automatically.

Is there any way to restore my media files once they have been downloaded? Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin has an option to choose a backup date. If you choose to use the backup date you can retrieve your files on any date before the backup date. You can also use the ‘restore’ option to recover your files at any time you like. That’s all!

Why is my media folder not working with Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin? First of all, you need to download the latest version of the plugin. Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin provides two options-customize your media files and restore them. It doesn’t matter which option you choose; they both work seamlessly. Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin does not modify your media files.

Can I use multiple media files on one blog?

Yes, you can. If you have more than one video or photo on your blog, just add the URL of each media file and apply the ‘media: auto-play’ text. Now you can watch multiple videos on one page and multiple photos on one photo album.

Why am I not seeing any media files on my new blog? If you are not seeing any media files on your blog after installing the Media Folders Pro WordPress Plugin, then most likely your media files are not saved properly. For example, you might have uploaded a picture on your ‘albums ‘section but not on your ‘videos ‘section. It’s best to create a’media’ folder on your blog for each media file.

Are there any other media files that I can use instead of Photos and Videos? Yes, there are a few other useful media files. Audio files are very useful for making wonderful audio podcasts (and vice versa) and Movie folders are great for watching video clips on YouTube. You can also use small images as thumbnails in your RSS Feeds. Media Folders Pro comes with over 50+ free images and videos. All these extra goodies will add spice to your content.