Namro Clean and Minimal Ghost Theme

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Namro – Clean and Minimal Ghost Theme

Namro – Clean and Minimal is a cleaning themed WordPress theme that is free to download. The theme has a clean layout and comes with two pages. One is the About the Namro page which explain the history of the company, what it does and where it is based, and the second is the Help/ Instructions for the Namro Theme. Both of these pages are perfectly understandable and do exactly what the theme is trying to do which is to help keep you informed about your business. Although it may be young and new, it is rapidly gaining popularity because of its simplicity, clean design and great features.

Namro – Clean and Minimal Ghost Theme

Namro – Clean and Minimal Ghost Theme is an amazing WordPress theme. It has an innovative drag and drop page setup, which enable you to easily create a new theme without writing a single line of code. Namro utilizes a powerful theme engine that allows unlimited options, such as color scheme, font styles, short cuts, permalinks, login options and much more. With a powerful admin panel, users have the capability of creating unlimited categories, subcategories, tags and even search engines. Namro offers various plugins such as Worpdress, WP-admin, Flexsqueeze and much more.

Features: Namro comes with over 250 icons to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics such as size, shape, color and background. You can also have ‘?’ icon next to each category to conveniently navigate through the available categories. Moreover, users can have ‘?’ icons next to their posts to conveniently add them to their side-rows.

The Namro template comes with many ‘omatic’ blog templates such as columns, headers, footers, sidebar, sideswipe and widget areas. All these features provide a perfect base for your blog, which is customizable with your own text, images, links and widgets. Furthermore, you can easily customize each area with ‘sth’ tags, which contains meta-information for the blog. You can also use Namro’s pre-installed social media widgets, which include Twitterlist, Facebook, Slideshare and many more.

Amazing Blog Template: This template is perfect for those who want to offer an all new look and feel to their blogs. The layout is clean and minimalist, allowing users to build their sites around the content instead of using excessive amounts of flashy images or JavaScript. With a huge number of WordPress theme engines and plugin sources available, the Namro layout allows one to easily build a stunning, attractive and professional website.

Namro’s unique blog theme engine provides an easy to use interface to manage multiple blogs. Features include search engine optimization, automatic site polls, a random blog set up with custom page titles and much more. The best part is that this engine works on both WordPress and Joomla! users. The default Namro theme comes with limited features and colors.

Posting and Commenting Options: A new feature in this template is the ‘odium’ button, which enables users to share and comment on their blogs. Additionally, the front panel allows users to ‘pin’ blog posts to their main site or send a message to other users directly from their blog. This feature comes with infinite customization options. In addition, the Namro template comes with an easy-to-navigate menu, which makes browsing through your blogs a breeze. Moreover, users can easily search for their favorite posts using a simple search bar in the side panel.

Easy Updating Options: With the powerful ‘upgrade’ option, users can easily update their blog by copying the entire content from their existing website. Furthermore, users have the option to directly add content or articles from a URL and use them on their site. Namro SEO has made it easier than ever to update a website and give it an attractive look.

These are only a few highlights of the Namro templates. You can browse through the entire collection by visiting the Namro website. If you want to learn more about how you can create your own website or change its existing look, visit the Namro Blog for more information. Namro also has an active community of users who share ideas and thoughts.

While browsing through Namro’s website, you will notice that the site comes with multiple features including a ready-made WordPress install, custom graphics, and tons of unique and professionally designed templates. With a personalized blog design, you can easily transform your site like never before. You can add new pages, change the appearance of the existing pages, and even customize the fonts and color schemes. You can even have a ready-made template to use as a base for creating a brand new blog.

This is just one example of what you can do with a Namro – Clean and Minimal Ghost Theme. The Namro website contains hundreds of different templates for you to choose from. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily transform your blog like never before. These templates are easy to customize and come with step-by-step instructions.

A Namro – Clean and Minimal Ghost Theme will help you create the perfect blog. With this theme, you can easily and professionally clean up your blog and make it look like you care about your audience. If you are an avid blogger who loves sharing information and sharing opinions with others, then you need to build a blog that looks like it was professionally done. With a professional look, you will attract more readers to your blog and hopefully, they will spend money on your products and services. Namro is the ideal platform to build your blog.