Why FireMobile Is Important To Your ECommerce Business

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PayPal With FireMobile WordPress

FireMobile WordPress WooCommerce firebase mobile OTP authentication
A new way to securely process PayPal via the WordPress platform, FireMobile WordPress provides a new way to secure your online business. Unlike other platforms such as WordPress Express or Magento Mobile, FireMobile WordPress offers a highly optimized and simplified method of securing PayPal for the WordPress user. By using a plug-in called WP Merchant Bank, the FireMobile WordPress plugin enables you to transact with PayPal without having to use a credit card or PayPal gateway. It also enables you to integrate PayPal into your blog or website’s shopping cart and offer your visitors the ability to pay with any major cards including VISA, MasterCard, Visa, and Discovery. You can also take advantage of PayPal’s monitoring capabilities to ensure that your transactions are secure.

FireMobile WordPress & WooCommerce Plugin

FireMobile WordPress & WooCommerce plugin provide a completely new level of flexibility and benefits to your online business. You can now enjoy the full functionality of both FireMobile (powered by Google) and a fully featured, fully responsive website built with WordPress and with a custom logo designed by FireOnline. FireMobile WordPress & WooCommerce integration bring everything together including customer order placement, inventory control, sales tracking, pay pal, and merchant accounts. Users will have access to their Google account from wherever they are.

FireMobile WordPress WooCommerce firebase mobile OTP authentication

FireMobile WordPress & WooCommerce plugin come as a highly flexible WYSIWYG editor that is easy to install and manage. FireOnline is very flexible, offering over 100+ theme templates for you to choose from, extensive documentation, SEO friendly page layout, powerful shopping cart capability, and an integrated database. It has been designed to work well with any theme or template you already have installed on your website. Users can easily login from any modern computer with Internet connection to complete transactions like shopping, placing orders, and browsing through catalogs. With built in support for PayPal, Google Checkout and Google Play, it makes for a hassle-free online business.

Now you can quickly and easily integrate your Google powered platform with your favorite WordPress theme or template, making for an easier and more pleasant experience. FireMobile WordPress & WooCommerce plugin bring to life the complete power of Google apps. This open source solution offers a great deal of convenience that no other plugins can match, whether you are building a site for personal or professional use. Developers and designers can expect outstanding results and features that are not available with other systems, making it an essential part of every online business.

Optimize Your WordPress and WooCommerce Stores for Mobile Users

A new generation open source e-commerce CMS FireMobile offers a flexible and easy-to-use solution for both small and large online retailers. Utilizing the open source FireWire framework, FireMobile offers a secure and efficient online commerce platform that includes multi-currency and multi-lingual access. Transactions can be performed in real time, meaning you have access to real time quotes and order placement, not only during normal business hours. Transactions can be initiated from anywhere in the world and the platform also allows for an encrypted connection between the buyer and seller. Buyers and sellers can approve and accept credit cards, pay with PayPal, and have an SSL certificate sent to their websites.

The following are some benefits of integrating your FireMobile store with WordPress and/or WooCommerce: You can take advantage of multiple payment options by integrating your payment gateway with WordPress. You don’t need to have separate payment gateways for each currency. This is ideal for businesses with a merchant bank account or one customer per computer. You don’t have to hire a technician to manage the conversion. You can do it yourself with a few clicks of your mouse.

You can keep track of your products or services on the go with the integrated Google Maps plug-in. You can use Google’s map application to optimize your store for mobile search. You can access your store through any device: smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart phones, e-readers, laptops etc. You can customize the home page or look and feel of your website with the different available themes. You can install Google’s version of the Android and Apple iOS apps to make your mobile content available to customers.

FireMobile offers a rich user experience, as everything displayed is relevant to the context. For example, a navigation panel will appear when you tap on any screen. If you navigate to the ‘All in One Store’ section, all items you want to show will be shown. If you’re in a specific location or context, only relevant screens will be displayed.

FireMobile WordPress WooCommerce firebase mobile OTP authentication

With FireMobile, you are able to access your store from any location: from a laptop, desktop computer or tablet, even while driving. And your app is automatically ready to use on smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices. You can browse through the entire inventory and sales data to plan your inventory. You can check out your sales history, average order size and average prices.

FireMobile optimizes the performance of your online store for optimal conversion rates. It is designed to save bandwidth, battery life and data storage space. You don’t need to open multiple apps anymore: just one WordPress-based mobile store and a single administration area. Furthermore, you don’t need to learn any new backend coding, as the core functionality of FireMobile is based on JavaScript.

In addition to all the great features mentioned above, FireMobile also provides: multi-page feed readers, integrated Google Maps, mobile web alerts, optimized content optimization, social sharing tools, in-built video player, integrated Google Maps, premium add-ons and more. To take full advantage of these benefits, you should implement some of the add-ons available on FireMobile marketplace. You may find some of them being offered free of charge, but most of them require you to pay a small fee to get all the benefits of the add-ons.

FireMobile is a must-have plugin for both WordPress & WooCommerce stores. It offers not only all the benefits mentioned above, but it also helps you manage your mobile store with ease. So what are you waiting for? Now you can start optimizing your website for mobile visitors.

FireMobile WordPress And WoofCommerce plugin for mobile-friendly WordPress blog posts

With the FireMobile WordPress & WooCommerce plugin architecture, any website can take advantage of a responsive and mobile friendly Internet commerce platform that combines Firebug technology with the power of WordPress. Both Firebug and WordPress are open source solutions to common website development problems and are therefore ideal platforms for any new or existing business. Although they may sound too good to be true, it has proven that there are many benefits to using both Firebug and WordPress for your business’ online presence.

Unlike some other plugins, FireMobile WordPress features full support of Firebug through the official WordPress plugin repository. Firebug is an independent component written in Java that allows developers to easily manipulate and control websites through a Java-based interface. The plugin for FireMobile has been created to perform exactly as the same as the Firebug plugin for the desktop and is thus able to share the same codebase. This gives the online user full control over their websites in terms of functionality, design and security. While the plugin works in the background, the user does not have to interrupt their tasks to visit the Firebug dashboard.

FireMobile WordPress is designed to work seamlessly with existing WordPress themes and blogs while providing a mobile-friendly version of your website. Users do not need to learn any new codes or work with complex installation or programming processes. Once the plugin has been installed, it runs on the Android devices on which your current users are using. From there, it communicates with your target audience through text messages and mobile phone calls. By using the pre-installed widgets and third party applications, you will be able to integrate your mobile website with your existing website so that your users can enjoy all of the same functions and features from your desktop version.

One of the main benefits to integrating FireMobile WordPress with your existing website is that your users will be able to access your website from virtually anywhere. They will never have to leave their seats in order to be able to take advantage of your online content. This is possible thanks to the plugin’s support for the popular Fire Beacon protocol which allows for users to connect seamlessly with each other using devices that support this standard. Through this connection, your customers can access your information from practically any location that has an internet connection.

FireMobile WordPress WooCommerce firebase mobile OTP authentication

Another benefit to using FireMobile WordPress with your existing store is that your users will be able to use your mobile store just like the way they do your regular site. You will still be able to accept payments, edit your products, view your store catalog and search all of the content that you provide within the mobile platform. This same ability also transfers over to your website as well. With the use of the WooCommerce plugin, you can create mobile friendly shopping carts that are compatible with all of the mobile payment processing methods supported by the FireMobile platform. Users can use their phones to make purchases and will be charged according to the amount of money that they have purchased. This ensures that your customers are protected from any unforeseen charges at checkout time.

The plugin makes it easy for users to sign up and access their blogs from wherever they may happen to roam. It also allows users to edit their products as if they were on a traditional website through a mobile friendly version of the same content. This is especially helpful for those who need to provide some unique content along with their regular sales content. The plugin will automatically display links to these pages and will be optimized to your theme for optimal viewing on various mobile devices.

If you currently have a WordPress site and would like to take it to the next level, then you need to have a WordPress mobile site. FireMobile WordPress gives you exactly what you need to jump start your business with WordPress mobile websites. You will be able to manage your blog from anywhere that an Internet connection is available and provide your customers with the same content that they could expect to find on your standard site. For added functionality, there are plugins available that allow you to create a map so that your readers can easily see where you store your goods. There are even more plugins available that allow you to display coupons, reviews, and other content as text in your mobile site. You will be able to manage your store just as effectively as you would manage a traditional website.

No matter how large or small your business, you can make it accessible and profitable through the power of WordPress and the power of FireMobile. With a mobile version of your site, you can take your business to a whole new level. With a mobile-friendly version of your site, your customers will know exactly where you store your goods, what you sell and how to contact you. Whether you’re operating out of your home in a garage or out in the field, or you’re simply trying to make your online retail business more accessible to those who use smart phones, this new platform by WordPress and WoofCommerce will take your business to the next level.

Why FireMobile Is Important To Your E-Commerce Business

FireMobile WordPress & WooCommerce plugin for websites that supports mobile and web-based commerce. With the use of this plugin, your website will never be inaccessible. Aside from this, you can also do transactions and give orders from your smartphone. Let us see in detail what is this about.

This plugin was initially released for Google Appstore.

Google Appstore was one of the very popular application development stores offering paid apps on its platform. But since its launch, many entrepreneurs have already realized that using Appstore for online business promotion can give great results. Now, with the help of FireMobile WordPress Theme, you will easily manage your online business from anywhere you are.

FireMobile WordPress Theme is very easy to install and use.

It has a user-friendly interface. Once you have installed it, you just need to select a template from its gallery. Then select the FireMobile theme that you prefer. You may customize your theme according to your own needs. It is especially helpful when you are working on a mobile-friendly site and would need to implement some universal elements from different browser versions.

Besides providing mobile-friendly interface, this theme has several other benefits.

This theme is highly customizable and is designed with flexibility. One can easily change the color scheme to suit his requirements. In addition, there are various logo options for customization to make your site look appealing.

You don’t have to worry about any security issues as the code is encrypted. FireMobile Theme comes with a WordPress-compatible default theme as well. Therefore, if you need to switch over to another default theme, you can simply do it by changing the values in your theme’s directory. FireMobile Theme comes with over 50 different colors and icons that will make your site looks great.

FireMobile WordPress WooCommerce firebase mobile OTP authentication

Since most of your visitors will be using a smart phone, you should give proper attention to it. Most of the visitors these days are utilizing this device to search for information. Most of them check their searches through Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If your business is listed in any of these three search engines, you must make sure that you are visible online. To do this, you need to enhance your website’s exposure by optimizing it properly.

By implementing a mobile-friendly WordPress theme, you can gain maximum exposure for your business. Many people are visiting your blog or website due to this reason. A customized FireMobile theme can increase your company’s visibility in this sphere. You will be able to attract more visitors to your site because it will appear more attractive and user-friendly. In addition, you will be able to convert your current visitors into potential customers after they find the novel and highly functional design of your website.

FireMobile is highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve the overall appearance of his business. This theme is suitable for any business, whether small, mid-sized, or big. Moreover, it is available in various price ranges. So, if you want to increase your profits and at the same time keep your existing customers satisfied, then you can go ahead and consider using a fire-mobile-friendly theme for your website.

There are many benefits of integrating a mobile-friendly website with your e-commerce venture. First and foremost, this will help you save a lot of money on marketing since you won’t have to pay to place adverts on other websites aside from your own. Secondly, you will have an advantage over your competitors as most mobile users prefer to visit sites that make contented and interesting. Besides, the element of surprise will never harm you and will boost your business instead.

The FireMobile theme is highly customizable, which makes it easy to add new features as well as change its look. You can easily personalize your page with different fonts and colors as well as text formatting. Moreover, you can use the latest technology such as Google Analytics to know how many visitors you have coming to your website and which pages they visit the most. It is also possible to get more information about the people who have visited your page. As a result, you will be able to use your resources more effectively.

A lot of business owners underestimate the importance of mobile marketing. It has been proven that a business website on mobiles are much more successful compared to the same website being displayed on tablet computers. This is because a large number of people who use phones are more likely to buy products than those who use computers. Even if there are some tablets that are more popular than others, a large chunk of mobile users still prefer to browse and purchase stuff using phones. This is why FireMobile makes such a difference.