Why a gpl license ?

Did you know that something like 33% of all websites in the world are WordPress sites, but that

WordPress was designed to remain completely free

for all? Well that’s right, WordPress itself is nevertheless free. There are too many arbitrary topics and also plugins available on WordPress.org, but the good topics and also plugins are “premium” and also must be paid for. The point is, even though WordPress is free, by the time you pay for a theme and then an equal number of plugins, creating a WordPress site becomes quite expensive. But you probably already know that.

But have you recognized at this point that the big league on top-notch WordPress themes and plugins that developers promote come with a Gpl license?

And did you know that once you download a theme and plugin, you can use them, customize them and even share them with your friends if you want? Well, you can, also in disagreement for a theme or plugin are the developers who do not like it.

WorldPluginsGpl was created based on our Gpl licensing capabilities, to reduce the expense of gpl themes and gpl plugins by sharing them with you at a much lower cost.

Because we need to help you build your next WordPress site!